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Call for Archie League Medal of Safety Award Nominations

NATCA Members: We're looking for the best saves that have occurred at your facilities from May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020. A member may nominate another member for an Archie League Medal of Safety Award. Deadline to nominate: May 15, 2020. To nominate, please click here.

If you have questions or are having trouble collecting all nomination materials, please contact Grace Colby.

About the Archie League Medal of Safety Award

The ability to think quickly and remain calm under pressure while maintaining situational awareness are just some of the unique qualities that air traffic controllers possess. Their willingness to resolve complex situations without hesitation, offer a reassuring voice to those on the frequency, and ability to coordinate their efforts with other controllers help these dedicated professionals be successful at maintaining the safety of the National Airspace System.

While many controllers often feel that they are “just doing their job,” their hard work is often viewed by others as remarkable and extraordinary. The Archie League Medal of Safety Awards were created in 2004 and named for the first air traffic controller, Archie League. The program highlights a variety of aviation “saves” — some which involve a team of controllers working together, while others are the result of one controller’s efforts.

The 15th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards - 2019

We are deeply honored to announce the NATCA members below who have been selected to win Archie League Medal of Safety Awards in 2019. They will be honored at our annual Archie League Medal of Safety Award Banquet on Sept. 18, 2019 at Bally's Las Vegas. The event will close Communicating For Safety 2019 in Las Vegas (Sept. 16-18).

Alaskan Region
Gabriel L. Zeifman, Juneau ATCT (JNU)

Central Region
Andrew J. Crabtree, Kansas City Center (ZKC)

Eastern Region
Brian Rabinowitz, New York TRACON (N90)

Great Lakes Region
Nicholas J. Ferro and Charles Terry, Indianapolis Center (ZID)
Shane Mikel Boulds and Justin Dokken, Minneapolis Center (ZMP)

New England Region
Christopher Corcoran, Providence ATCT (PVD)
Jeffrey Aulbach, Neil Cóspito, and Michael Jacobson, Boston Center (ZBW)

Northwest Mountain Region
Joseph Asmundson, Matthew Colby Rhea, Nicole Breann Coffey, and Devin Carlisto, Seattle Center (ZSE)

Southern Region
Paul Ray Keeling, Memphis Center (ZME)

Southwest Region
Michael Schawinsky, Houston TRACON (I90)

Western Pacific Region
Michael Tamez, Southern California TRACON (SCT)


Our Award Selection Panel (Pictured Above)

  • Jim Ullmann, NATCA Director of Safety and Technology (center)
  • Pete Bunce, President and CEO, General Aviation Manufacturers Association (right) 
  • Capt. Steve Jangelis, Aviation Safety Chair, Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l (left)

Podcast: Jim Ullmann

NATCA Director of Safety and Technology Jim Ullmann, who participated in the selection of Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners for the fourth straight year, talks about this year's honorees and their great air traffic control work that ensured safety above all. Jim also discusses meeting with his fellow selection panelists and how this awards program - and CFS - have grown over the years.
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Video Library

Please see our library of videos from recent years of Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners and their banquet presentations.

All-Time List of Winners

For a complete list of Archie League Medal of Safety Award winners from each of the first 15 years of the program, please click here.