Legislative Committee

The National Legislative Committee (NLC) is responsible for organizing and implementing the Union's grassroots legislative efforts. The Committee is comprised of an appointed representative from each region and a chairperson elected by the committee. The NLC works with the Government Affairs Department to develop training sessions, recruit volunteers, and disseminate information about legislative activities.

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NATCA Committee Members (Legislative)

Committee Members

Steven W Weidner (ZMP)
(612) 532-6275
Alaskan Region
Richard H Fagg (ZAN)
(907) 440-9469
Central Region
Allison L Schwaegel (STL)
(618) 316-8906
Eastern Region
Kristena A Jones (ZDC)
(443) 883-0852
Great Lakes Region
Michael John Hanlon (ZOB)
(440) 343-1817
New England Region
Andre Joseph Jean (A90)
(603) 943-4006
Northwest Mountain Region
Richard N Kennington (PDX)
(360) 909-1402
Region X
Samantha Janine Giberson (ENM)
(425) 830-1821
Southern Region
Stanley Arthur Parulski (P31)
(574) 361-7067
Southwest Region
Corey A Soignet (IAH)
(337) 298-2891
Western Pacific Region
Trisha A Pesiri-Dybvik (SBA)
(408) 315-1820

Legislative Mentorship Program

Great Lakes Region
Michael Lee Orr (ZID)
(317) 590-0964
Northwest Mountain Region
Caryn M Smith (ZLC)
(801) 808-5392
Western Pacific Region
David M Skarphol (P50)
(701) 361-5516