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For FacReps

When an event occurs, contact the CISM on call coordinator via phone or text, 202-505-2476 (CISM).

When you reach voicemail, leave the following information:

  • Point of contact (usually the FacRep or their designee)
  • Details of the incident or accident
  • Persons involved, directly and indirectly

Time permitting, please also include:

  • Pertinent information about controllers involved; circumstances which may make this event worse for them, i.e. divorce, family issues, other stresses
  • Work schedules of employees directly involved; in case a debrief needs to be scheduled. If it’s determined a CISD (critical incident stress debrief) is necessary, it would typically occur 3-10 days after the incident.
  • Was a supervisor involved? CISM is a peer program but supervisors can participate if ALL controllers involved approve. If even one controller objects, the supervisor may not participate.
  • What is the attitude of management? Are they compassionate? Are they concerned about the employees?

Putting controllers back to work too soon after an event becomes a safety issue. The mind can still be distracted. Do not hesitate to remind management safety is a priority. I a controller feels it necessary, request administrative leave from the manager. It is within their purview to approve this.

Other information:

CA-1 Form:

Controllers who experience a critical incident should be advised to file a CA-1 form to document the event.

The window for filing a CA-1 is 30 days.

Critical incidents can have a significant psychological effect as real as a physical injury. Documentation is important.




Call: 202-505-2476 (CISM)

*Please leave a message and a CISM coordinator will get back to you ASAP.


CISM Committee Members

Mike Napolitano (ZMP)

Assistant Chair
Sarah Grampp (ZKC)

Matt Ellington (ORD)

Joel Weiler (LGB)

Andrea Moore (CLT)

Tom Hedeen (DEN)
Carrie Uphus (STP)

Kristen Laubach (PHL)

Maliesa Nichols (MYF)

Krystal Causey (ZMA)

Holly Cron (ZHU)


It is always recommended you file a CA-1 form in the event of an incident or accident. Signs and symptoms may occur immediately but could be delayed months or even years.

Further information regarding OWCP can be found on the NATCA website's OWCP Page.