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For Controllers

Something has happened; an event which affects your ability to do your job, such as:



     Death of a co-worker or loved one

     Personal life issues


Call the on-call peer coordinator at 202-505-CISM (2476). We are on call 24/7. You will reach our voicemail. Leave the following information (messages are kept strictly confidential):



     Contact Number

     Brief details regarding the situation

*Please note: the coordinator is an active air traffic controller and may be on position when you call. Voicemail is checked frequently during breaks and off-duty hours. Your call will be returned promptly.

Call whether you think you or your facility may need formal assistance or not. A lot of our work is providing one on one peer support with phone conversations.

Also, letting us know about an event allows us to make sure everyone involved knows help is available. Possibly a call to the FacRep to check in. If the event affects multiple controllers and it is decided a Critical Incident Stress Debrief (CISD) is called for, a CISM team member will travel to your facility and meet with the group. These meetings are strictly confidential.


     *Call 202-505-CISM (2476) if you are involved in an event.

     *All messages, conversations and meetings are strictly confidential.

     *CISDs do not require reporting on your medical.







Call: 202-505-2476 (CISM)

*Please leave a message and a CISM coordinator will get back to you ASAP.



It is always recommended you file a CA-1 form in the event of an incident or accident. Signs and symptoms may occur immediately but could be delayed months or even years.

Further information regarding OWCP can be found on the NATCA website's OWCP Page.