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NATCA Cleveland Center Member and CDM Lead Ron Foley - (10/4/2012)

Cleveland Center member and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) Lead Ron Foley participated in the panel discussion, CDM - How to Integrate More Proprietary Design Tools to Support User and System Operators, on Oct. 3, at the ATCA conference.

A joint government/industry initiative, CDM is aimed at improving air traffic flow management through more information exchange among the stakeholders of the aviation community. Foley is the NATCA representative for the program.

Foley said the current state of CDM, from a NATCA perspective, is "way better than it was in 2006, and this collaboration continues to be a big thing for us.”

He continued, "I do see progress. We're starting to use social media for the younger people to learn about CDM, because a lot of people don't know what it is. Fifty to 70 percent of Cleveland Center members know what CDM is, and we'd like to know more about it and get more involved. Our question is how can we get more involved?"

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