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Air Traffic Controllers Provide Relief from Summer Travel Drama - (6/4/2010)

CONTACT: Doug Church, 301-346-8245

AvoidDelays.com provides a resource for travelers to avoid disruption to plans and economic loss caused by the typical flight delays during this busy travel season

WASHINGTON – Trying to avoid the drama that seems almost inevitable when it comes to flying during the summer? Does it seem like everyone you know has had the same issues with airports and delays? Well, it is time there was an easy way to address those problems when it's time to plan your next trip and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is here to help.

AvoidDelays.com launched in the summer of 2006, proving to be the first tool of its kind to help the flying public. Using a mix of historical and live flight data directly from the Department of Transportation, the website provides knowledge on major airports, such as the most delayed airports and the worst time to fly.

The site has continued to be a great resource for everyone, whether you have already purchased your ticket or are waiting to find the best deal. It is user-friendly in order to improve the travel experience as much as possible. The site provides an interactive function that allows travelers to check rankings before they book a flight and check flight status on the day they fly.

“No one likes to deal with delays and problems during summer travel,” says Trish Gilbert, Executive Vice President of NATCA. “The controllers are taking the knowledge and skills gained from just doing the everyday job and providing advice to the flying public. Who better to get advice from than the men and women who guide your flights every day?”

The website has been part of an ongoing effort by NATCA to help travelers before they even leave their house.

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