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NATCA Celebrates Important Milestone - (7/14/2010)

CONTACT:  Alex Caldwell, 202-997-7741 (cell); acaldwell@natcadc.org

WASHINGTON – Ten years ago NATCA expanded its membership, including a variety of employees from multiple FAA organizations, welcoming them into the NATCA family.

These units, which include professions ranging from aerospace engineers, nurses, contracting officers and attorneys, are part of what is now called Region X, the tenth region in NATCA.

In 2000, NATCA organized multiple FAA bargaining units.  Included in the list of NATCA’s Region X bargaining units celebrating their union anniversaries today are:

  • FAA Headquarters Budget and Finance divisions (ABA)
  • Regions and Centers Operations (ARC)
  • Terminal Automation Specialists (ATB)
  • En Route Terminal Automation Specialists (AOS-300)
  • Aerospace Medicine (AAM)
  • Airports (ARP)
  • Aircraft Certification (AIR)
  • Delegation and Airworthiness (AIR-140)
  • Office of Chief Counsel Employees (AGC)

Reflecting on the anniversary, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said, “We share the same goals, we share the same vision and responsibility – upholding and improving the safety of the National Airspace System.  There could be no better fit, no better match than our Region X bargaining unit members and the nation’s air traffic controllers.”

Said Region X Vice President Mike MacDonald:  “With NATCA we’ve been able to accomplish more as a group than we ever would have alone.  Our air traffic control brothers and sisters have welcomed us from day one.  Like them, we are invested in the safety and modernization of the National Airspace System and together we have improved the system for the flying public.”

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