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NATCA Members Reflect On 9/11 and Working to Ensure That the Airspace System Was Shut Down Safely and Quickly - (9/9/2011)

As NATCA joins the nation in marking the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, let us never forget how that day forever changed our nation. We remember with honor and reverence, the innocent lives that were lost.

Like everyone in the aviation community, air traffic controllers were uniquely wounded on that awful day. Our professional lives were shaken in ways that will forever influence how our members approach their jobs. Despite the chaos and uncertainty unfolding around us, our members safely and quickly guided every aircraft to the ground after the FAA order to close the airspace was issued. The fact that our members could serve our country in that fashion remains one of our proudest moments.

Several media outlets have chronicled our stories from working on 9/11. Here are a few of them:

CBS NEWS: Former ZBW controller Lino Martins shares his story of working on 9/11. "I did what I could," Martins says. "I'm kind of proud that I did my job ... proud of all my colleagues that we did a good job, did what we could. I don't think there's any more we could have done."


WDIV-TV DETROIT: How Detroit Tower and Detroit TRACON controllers handled 9/11 and the traffic in their airspace as the NAS was shut down. Three of our members are interviewed, including DTW Fac Rep Vince Sugent.


KRLD RADIO, DALLAS: Interview with DFW Tower controller Ric Loewen:


KSTP-TV, MINNEAPOLIS: NATCA Members Roger and Teresa Mathieu talk about 9/11 and what it was like to work on that day and assist in shutting down the NAS.


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