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Utah Congressional Delegation Asks FAA to Delay Implementation of Eram, Citing Safety Concerns - (6/12/2009)

CONTACT:  Doug Pincock, NATCA Salt Lake Center Facility Representative, 801-971-4078     

WASHINGTON – Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Robert Bennett of Utah, along with two of that state’s Congressmen, Rep. Jim Matheson (D) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R), have written to ask FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt to delay next week’s scheduled implementation at Salt Lake Center of the agency’s major new computer system for the nation’s large regional en route facilities, citing safety concerns.              

Wrote Senators Hatch and Bennett: “As you know, the new system, En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM), will be an important technical upgrade and will be responsible for processing all of the critical flight safety data for the Intermountain West.             

“It appears that many controllers still have serious concerns with the stability of the system ... Safety concerns demand that ERAM not be implemented until it meets and exceeds the standards of reliability and stability of the system it replaces. Therefore, we respectfully request that you further examine the implementation of the ERAM system and delay implementation until an acceptable level of reliability and stability is maintained and verified.”             

Click Here to read the full letter from Senators Hatch and Bennett.       

Click Here to read Congressman Matheson’s letter.         

Click Here to read Congressman Chaffetz’s letter.


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