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NATCA Endorses Neil Abercrombie for Governor of Hawaii - (6/10/2009)

CONTACTS:  Scott Sorenson, 808-348-2378 

HONOLULU – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, which represents the nation’s air traffic controllers and aviation safety professionals who serve the Hawaiian airspace, proudly announced today that it is endorsing Congressman Neil Abercrombie for governor of the great state of Hawaii in 2010. 

The endorsement comes with the union’s deep gratitude to Congressman Abercrombie for his dedication and support for aviation safety issues, his respect for working men and women and his passionate, vocal message delivered to several NATCA member events that still generate enthusiasm and energy within the union to this day. 

“Congressman Abercrombie is a true champion of labor and of NATCA’s interests, in particular,” NATCA President Patrick Forrey said. “To have a governor who understands and values the needs of its working families and instills passion and positive motivation to guide the way forward would be a tremendous victory for the people of Hawaiit. Congressman Abercrombie is that leader.” 

NATCA, which endorsed President Obama during the presidential campaign in 2008, has a special reverence for those who also supported the Obama campaign and have pledged to bring the Obama message of hope and change to their home states, as Congressman Abercrombie has done, added Forrey. 

“Congressman Abercrombie has been an unwavering supporter of labor and of the working men and women of Hawaii and our nation,” said Scott Sorenson, who is the NATCA representative for Honolulu air traffic controllers. “He has shown the courage and ability to do the right thing at the right time. Congressman Abercrombie is a champion of aviation safety and the respect he shows for air traffic controllers and the men and women in the labor movement is evident in all of his actions. He aggressively pursues any avenue he might think of to get NATCA issues brought forward and his visits to our local facilities are legendary due to his insistence in taking local FAA management to task and holding them accountable.”

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