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Lake Charles Controller Wins NATCA President's Award for Best Flight Assist in Archie League Medal of Safety Awards - (3/4/2009)

CONTACT:  Alexandra Caldwell, NATCA National Office, 202-220-9813

LAS VEGAS – Air traffic controller John Charlton of Lake Charles, La. Tower was presented with the NATCA President’s Award last night at the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards banquet for his dedication to his profession and his commitment to preserving the safety of the flying public.
Remaining patient and using his 10-plus years of air traffic control experience, Charlton gave extra attention to a nervous student pilot who had already unsuccessfully attempted to land twice.  Alerting fire and rescue in order to be prepared for any outcome, Charlton walked the student pilot through two more approaches.  A pilot himself, he gave her advice every step of the way and Charlton was able to coach the pilot to a successful landing on her fourth and final try.

For Charlton it was a typical day at work but for the student pilot he saved it was like no other. 

Click Here for audio of the event.

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