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Watch Annual Safety Conference for Controllers, Pilots Live on NATCA Web Site Next Week - (3/27/2008)

CHICAGO – NATCA’s annual “Communicating for Safety” conference next week in Chicago, bringing together air traffic controllers with pilots and industry to discuss the many issues in which collaboration and communication is crucial to safe flight, will be broadcast live on NATCA’s web site.

The conference will feature panels on pilot and controller fatigue, reports on runway safety, recent accident investigations, human factors study results and discussions on dispatcher responsibilities, flight planning and special-use airspace considerations. 

Tuesday’s agenda (April 1) will feature a high-profile lineup of aviation leaders in an open roundtable discussion entitled, “Congestion – Solving Gridlock Today,” from 2:30-4:30 p.m. EDT. NATCA President Patrick Forrey will be joined by Hank Krakowski, the Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization. The other panelists will be James C. May, president and CEO of the Air Transport Association, Capt. John Prater, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Andy Cebula of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and National Business Aviation Association President and CEO Edward Bolen. 

There will also be a runway safety panel on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. EDT, featuring representatives from NATCA, ALPA, AOPA and the FAA runway safety office. 

Wednesday’s panels (April 2) will focus on Flight Service Stations, ADS-B and NextGen and pilot and controller fatigue.  

Additionally, on Tuesday evening, NATCA will be presenting 12 outstanding air traffic controllers with its fourth annual Archie League Medal of Safety award. Named for the first air traffic controller, this award honors the past year’s finest displays of controller skill and determination to ensure safe outcomes to challenging and critical situations. NATCA will announce the winners in a press release on Tuesday morning.

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