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NATCA Uncovers More Evidence of FAA Wasteful Spending on Luxury Items, Further Ignoring Serious Safety Issues - (11/8/2007)

CONTACT:     Alexandra Caldwell, 202-220-9813 

WASHINGTON – Last month a NATCA press release detailing the end-of-fiscal year spending spree the FAA undertook at air traffic control facilities across the country received widespread media attention, not to mention its inclusion in a national media campaign by Citizens Against Government Waste. 


On the heels of a NATCA investigation further evidence of wasteful spending has come to light. The luxury items at the following facilities range from new furniture for supervisors (including reportedly $68,000 for four supervisor desks at Jacksonville Center), to $6,000 for mini-blinds at Camarillo (Calif.) Tower and to the outrageous purchase of an Xbox and NASCAR game with specialty game components at Santa Monica (Calif.) Tower. 

Below is an addendum list of frivolous, unneeded luxury items purchased by the FAA in recent days and weeks at selected FAA facilities nationwide that have no relationship whatsoever to the safety of the flying public: 

Anchorage Center

  • 14 60-inch plasma screen TVs (screens intended for display of active airspace and other flight information but used to display screensaver-type images instead.) 

Atlantic City Tower

  • Manager’s office painted and redecorated
  • Office furniture
  • 2 printers 

Bakersfield (Calif.) Tower

  • Desks and leather chairs for the manager, three supervisors and the administrative assistant

 Burbank (Calif.) Tower

  • PlayStation 3
  • One, approximately, $900 52-inch flat screen TV
  • Leather chairs for conference room

 Camarillo (Calif.) Tower

  • $6,000 mini-blinds from the Christopher Lowell line
  • File cabinet
  • Office chairs
  • Office supplies 

Daytona Beach Tower

  • Plasma screen TV
  • Leather chairs for Operations Manager, Facility Manager, Staff Manager and Air Traffic Manager
  • Conference room table
  • Copier
  • Bookcases 

Fresno (Calif.) Tower

  • Ice machine
  • Desk and chairs for one manager and three supervisors
  • Remodel of manager’s kitchenette
  • Wrap around desk with chair for administrative assistant 

Houston Intercontinental Tower

  • Flat screen computer monitors
  • Chairs for supervisor’s office 

Jacksonville Center

  • Reportedly $68,000 spent on four supervisor desks
  • Sprinkler system
  • Sod
  • Office equipment – approximately,10 desks and 30 chairs 

Livermore (Calif.) Tower

  • Digital camera
  • Laminator 

Los Angeles Tower

  • Two large screen plasma TVs for conference rooms
  • 20 leather chairs

 Louisville Bowman Tower

  • 3 Dell computers with 17-inch monitors (Optiplex 715 model with a base price of $1,100) for manager, supervisor and secretary 

Memphis Center

  • 12 Herman Miller office chairs (estimated at $750/chair)
  • 6 computers for supervisors
  • Tables for supervisors’ offices
  • Mailboxes 

Monterey (Calif.) Tower

  • Leather chairs for Assistant Training Manager and Floor Level Manager
  • Bookcase
  • Desk for supervisor

 Reno Tower

  • Computers and monitors for supervisors offices
  • Furniture for two supervisors’ offices
  • Mini refrigerator/freezers for Floor Level Managers’ offices 

Santa Ana (Calif.) Tower

  • Cherry veneer conference room table
  • 6 conference room chairs
  • Car cover for the government issue car
  • Office furniture for manager and staff manager’s offices including desks, chairs and couches
  • 6 computers for administrative personnel 

Santa Barbara (Calif.) Tower

  • 10 desk chairs for management offices 

Santa Monica (Calif.) Tower

  • Xbox system with several games including golf, football and NASCAR with accompanying steering wheel and pedals
  • 42-inch flat screen wall-mounted TV and DVD for conference room
  • Water cooler for administrative office 

Scottsdale Tower

  • Desks and filing cabinets for Air Traffic Manager and Supervisor
  • Computers
  • Conference table
  • 6 chairs for conference table
  • Leather executive chairs for Assistant Training Manager and Supervisor 

Southern California TRACON

  • Dell computers
  • Dual flat panel monitors
  • Phone system
  • Leather furniture
  • Mahogany desks
  • Bookcases
  • Filing cabinets 


  • 6 Computers for administrative staff
  • Office furniture for manager
  • Cabinet with slots for mail 

Van Nuys (Calif.) Tower

  • 42-inch flat screen
  • Computers 

Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) Tower

  • 5 computers
  • Office furniture for management and staff – four desks and 20 chairs
  • Flat panel TV with built in DVD player for training room
  • Refrigerators for supervisors’ offices
  • Microwaves for supervisors’ offices

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