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NATCA Gives Stamp of Approval to ASDE-X Commissioning at Chicago O'Hare and Charlotte This Month - (8/14/2007)

WASHINGTON – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is looking forward to the commissioning of two sites this month for the Airport Surface Detection Equipment – Model X (ASDE-X) system that is very effective in helping controllers prevent runway incursions. ASDE-X will upgrade the ground radar systems at Chicago O’Hare and Charlotte Douglas International Airport

ASDE-X uses a combination of surface movement radar, transponder multilateration and ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) sensors to provide air traffic controllers with an accurate picture of the location and identity of aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface. 

Ben Murray, NATCA Facility Representative at Charlotte Tower, feels the system installation has proceeded very well with just a few issues which are common with this type of complex deployment. The updated system will provide Charlotte controllers with information which may reduce departure delays and enable controllers to more safely and efficiently manage movement on the airport surface. 

“NATCA supports the modernization of the air traffic control system and the ASDE-X program,” NATCA President Patrick Forrey said. “This type of technology is an example of using new technology to assist the air traffic controllers working in control towers along with providing more information to the controller without increased workload. 

“Controllers were active in the initial development of the ASDE-X system and through coordination with the prime contractor, Sensis Corporation, have continued their efforts to see this project to completion. Sensis rightly has recognized that no system like this can be successful unless those that will use it – the air traffic controllers – are included in the process of making sure it is safe and works correctly and we thank them for including us in this partnership.” 

Fort Lauderdale International Airport is scheduled for delivery of ASDE-X in October. 

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