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Despite Denials of Recruiting Problem, FAA Forced to Offer $20,000 Incentive to Attract Controller Candidates - (6/22/2007)

WASHINGTON – Despite numerous public statements that it is having no trouble attracting qualified candidates to enter the air traffic control profession, the Federal Aviation Administration is now offering a $20,000 “recruitment incentive” for applicants that have previous air traffic control experience, indicating the agency’s apparent inability to overcome a staffing shortage by simply hiring candidates off the street using MySpace and Facebook solicitations. 

The announcement can be viewed by going to this FAA web site:


It reads, “Applicants with 52 consecutive weeks experience within the last two years as a Certified Air Traffic Controller with Certified Tower Operator (CTO)/radar certification may be considered for a recruitment incentive of up to $20,000, paid as a lump sum upon appointment or in installments over a two-year period. A two-year service agreement is required.” 

“This announcement is clear proof that FAA officials are resorting to desperate measures to address the staffing crisis that threatens to completely overwhelm them,” National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Patrick Forrey said. “More troubling, however, is the fact that this only serves to drive a bigger wedge between the FAA and its new hires who weren’t offered such an incentive bonus. This is evidence that the Agency’s imposed work rules and treatment of new hires is not working. The FAA just can’t get experienced applicants to enter the workforce and take over for veteran controllers whom the only incentive the Agency is providing seems to be a foot in the rear end, out the door into retirement.”

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