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Air Traffic Controllers Unveil Two Online Resources to Help Air Travelers Try and Avoid Delays This Summer - (5/21/2007)

WASHINGTON – Air traffic controllers are unveiling two online resources for air travelers today in an effort to try and help them better navigate what is likely to be a very busy and delay-prone summer travel season.  


Nobody knows the intricacies of the air traffic control system better than America’s air traffic controllers. With tips from these dedicated, experienced professionals who will safely guide flights this summer, travelers will be armed with knowledge on major airports, such as times of day to avoid flying, advice on connections and many other insightful observations and guidance. 


Everything travelers need to know before booking and boarding their flights is located here, where we provide statistics such as most delayed departure and arrival airports, worst times to fly at major airports and which flights are most delay-prone. Statistics are provided from comparable periods in 2006, so as to provide an apples-to-apples comparison of flight schedules and patterns in the summer and fall months that travelers are about to encounter. 

Facility representatives from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association at all of the nation’s major airports are available for interviews, both this week and throughout the summer, as are NATCA President Patrick Forrey and Executive Vice President Paul Rinaldi. Please call 202-220-9802 to arrange an interview. 

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