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NATCA Applauds Costello Petition, Urges Congress to Act - (5/23/2006)

Media Contact: Alex Slater, 202/337-0808, aslater@gloverparkgroup.com

With FAA Disregarding Congressional Intent, Immediate Action is Vital

Washington – With a clear majority of the House of Representatives supporting legislation that would restore fairness and accountability to the negotiating process, Congressman Costello is circulating a discharge petition to ensure timely consideration of his bill, H.R 4755. 

John Carr, President of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, said: “We believe the will of the House should be heard and the democratic process should move forward. On behalf of the nation’s dedicated air traffic controllers we urge other Representatives to join Congressman Costello in his effort to bring this bill to the floor for a vote.”

Citing growing pressure on the FAA to return to the negotiating table, NATCA applauded Representative Jerry Costello’s (D-IL) actions to bring his bill, the “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Fair Labor Management Dispute Resolution Act” to a vote on the floor of the Congress.

Carr noted, "The FAA said they wanted to hear from Congress. Well, Congress is speaking loud and clear.  A majority of Congress wants the FAA to restore fairness and accountability to the bargaining process.”

There are currently 263 co-sponsors for the bipartisan legislation. 

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