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Majority in House of Representatives Now Supports “Fair FAA” Act - (4/28/2006)

WASHINGTON – A majority of lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives now supports a bill that would stop the Federal Aviation Administration from unilaterally imposing a contract on air traffic controllers on June 5, thereby exacerbating a growing staffing crisis. And while support for the “Fair FAA” Act to usher in the return of a fair and accountable process to collective bargaining has reached 229 co-sponsors, including 59 Republicans, several lawmakers are also urging the FAA to return to the bargaining table with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.  NATCA has also formally asked FAA Administrator Marion Blakey to reopen talks.

“Congress is hearing the voice of the American people on this critical issue and their message is loud and clear: don’t let the FAA fly in the face of fairness and safety in the skies,” said John Carr, President of NATCA. “It’s time the FAA stopped playing political games and did what’s best for aviation safety and the taxpayer. It’s time for the FAA to get back to the bargaining table.”

Blakey continues to refuse to re-open negotiations. This week, she rejected a formal request by NATCA to return to the table, despite clear evidence that further negotiations could be productive. The FAA’s current offer would create a situation where veteran controllers are penalized for remaining in their jobs – one in four could retire by next year, exacerbating the current staffing crisis and leading to fewer and fewer controllers guiding more planes.

“The stakes could not be higher for the safety and the integrity of the aviation system,” said Carr. “The FAA must back away from the precipice and commit itself to a solution that safeguards safety and fairness. We’re committed to a voluntary agreement – that’s why our final offer would have saved taxpayers $1.4 billion and cost the average air traffic controller over $93,000 over the life of the contract.”

The “Fair FAA” Act currently has the following support in the House of Representatives (See below for a full list):

Total co-sponsors: 229

Democrats: 169

Republicans: 59

Independent: 1

More Background:

The FAA’s negotiations with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) were in progress from July 2005 until April 5. Despite the fact that most articles in the talks were agreed to in just 9 months – the fastest progress in the FAA’s history of talks with its employee unions – the Administration called impasse in an attempt to impose its contract on controllers. This was despite the fact that controllers offered a five year pay freeze that would have saved taxpayers $1.4 billion.

The FAA believes that in the event of a breakdown in negotiations – an impasse – the agency can send the contract to Congress, providing it the opportunity to get involved. If Congress chooses not to act, then the FAA believes it can unilaterally impose its last, best contract offer on its employees, essentially gutting collective bargaining rights.

The bipartisan legislation currently under consideration by Congress would create a three-step process to restore accountability and fairness to the negotiating system:

A)         MEDIATION – If the FAA does not reach agreement with the union, the parties will use the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to try and make a deal.

B)         CONGRESSIONAL ACTION – If using FMCS does not result in an agreement, the FAA can send its contract offer to Congress, along with the union’s objections to the disputed portions of the offer. The FAA could not implement the offer unless a bill is enacted into law that specifically approves the offer.

C)         BINDING ARBITRATION – If a bill is not enacted within 60 days of Congress receiving the FAA’s offer, the agency and the union must take their dispute to binding arbitration.

Alphabetical List of FAA Supporters (224):

First      Last                  State    Party Affiliation

Neil      Abercrombie     HI          D

Gary     Ackerman         NY        D

Rodney Alexander          LA        R

Thomas Allen                 ME        D

Robert   Andrews           NJ         D

Joe       Baca                 CA         D

Brian     Baird                WA        D

Tammy Baldwin             WI         D

John     Barrow              GA        D

Charles Bass                 NH        R

Melissa Bean                 IL          D

Xavier    Becerra           CA        D

Shelley Berkley             NV        D

Howard Berman           CA         D

Marion  Berry               AR         D

Michael Bilirakis            FL         R

Sanford Bishop             GA        D

Timothy Bishop             NY       D

Earl Blumenauer            OR       D

Sherwood Boehlert       NY       R

Mary Bono                   CA       R

Dan Boren                    OK       D

Leonard Boswell            IA        D

Rick Boucher                VA       D

Allen Boyd                    FL       D

Jeb Bradley                   NH       R

Robert Brady                PA        D

Corrine Brown              FL        D

Sherrod Brown             OH       D

Ginny Brown-Waite      FL        R

Shelley Moore Capito   WV      R

Lois Capps                   CA       D

Michael Capuano          MA       D

Benjamin Cardin            MD       D

Dennis Cardoza             CA        D

Russ  Carnahan             MO       D

Julia Carson                   IN         D

Ed Case                        HI         D

Ben Chandler                KY        D

Donna Christensen        VI         D

Lacy Clay                     MO       D

Emanuel Cleaver           MO       D

James Clyburn              SC        D

Tom Cole                     OK       R

John Conyers Jr.           MI         D

Jon Corter                    NV        R

Jim Costa                     CA        D

Jerry Costello               IL          D

Bud Cramer Jr.            AL        D

Joseph Crowley           NY        D

Elijah Cummings          MD       D

Artur Davis                  AL        D

Danny Davis                 IL          D

Jim Davis                      FL        D

Lincoln Davis                TN        D

Geoff Davis                  KY        R

Jo Ann Davis                VA        R

Susan   Davis                CA        D

Peter DeFazio              OR       D

Diana  DeGette            CO       D

William Delahunt           MA       D

Rosa  DeLauro             CT        D

Charles Dent                 PA        R

Lincoln Diaz-Balart        FL        R

Norman Dicks               WA       D

John Dingell                   MI         D

Michael Doyle                PA        D

Chet Edwards               TX         D

Jo Ann  Emerson           MO       R

Phil English                    PA        R

Anna Eshoo                  CA        D

Bob Etheridge              NC        D

Lane Evans                   IL          D

Sam Farr                     CA        D

Chaka Fattah               PA        D

Bob Filner                   CA        D

Michael Fitzpatrick      PA        R

Mark Foley                 FL        R

Luis Fortuno                PR        R

Barney Frank               MA       D

LoBiondo Frank          NJ        R

Jim Gerlach                 PA        R

Jim  Gibbons               NV        R

Charles Gonzalez        TX         D

Bart Gordon               TN        D

Al Green                    TX         D

Gene Green               TX         D

Raul Grijalva              AZ        D

Luis Gutierrez             IL          D

Melissa Hart               PA        R

Jane Harman              CA        D

Alcee Hastings           FL        D

Joel Hefley                 CO       R

Stephanie Herseth      SD        D

Brian  Higgins            NY        D

Maurice Hinchey        NY        D

Ruben  Hinojosa        TX         D

Tim  Holden               PA        D

Rush Holt                   NJ        D

Michael Honda          CA        D

Darlene Hooley          OR       D

Steny  Hoyer             MD       D

Jay Inslee                   WA       D

Steve Isreal                NY        D

William Jefferson         LA        D

Eddie Bernice Johnson  TX         D

Timothy Johnson          IL          R

Paul  Kanjorski           PA        D

Marcy Kaptur             OH       D

Sue Kelly                    NY        R

Patrick Kennedy          RI         D

Dale Kildee                 MI         D

Carolyn Kilpatrick       MI         D

Ron  Kind                   WI        D

Peter King                  NY        R

Mark Steven Kirk       IL          R

John Kline                   MN       R

Dennis Kucinich          OH       D

James Langevin           RI         D

Tom  Lantos               CA        D

Rick Larsen                WA       D

John Larson                CT        D

Barbara Lee                CA        D

Ron  Lewis                 KY        R

Daniel  Lipinski            IL          D

Zoe  Lofgren              CA        D

Nita Lowey                NY        D

Stephen Lynch            MA       D

Carolyn Maloney         NY        D

Donald  Manzullo         IL          R

Kenny Marchant         TX         R

Edward Markey          MA       D

Jim Marshall                GA       D

Jim Matheson              UT        D

Doris Matsui                CA        D

Carolyn McCarthy       NY        D

Betty McCollum          MN       D

Thaddeus McCotter     MI         R

Jim McDermott            WA       D

James McGovern          MA       D

John  McHugh              NY        R

Mike McIntyre            NC        D

Michael McNulty         NY        D

Martin Meehan             MA       D

Kendrick Meek             FL        D

Gregory Meeks              NY        D

Charlie  Melancon          LA        D

McCaul Michael             TX         R

Michael Michaud            ME       D

Juanita Millender-McDonald CA  D

Brad Miller                    NC        D

Dennis Moore               KS        D

Gwen Moore                WI        D

James Moran                VA        D

Tim Murphy                  PA        R

Jerrold Nadler               NY        D

Richard Neal                  MA       D

Robert Ney                   OH       R

Eleanor Holmes Norton  DC        D

Solomon Ortiz               TX         D

Major Owens                NY        D

Frank Pallone                NJ        D

Bill Pascrell Jr.               NJ        D

Ed Pastor                      AZ        D

Ron Paul                       TX         R

Donald  Payne               NJ        D

Stevan  Pearce              NM       R

Nancy   Pelosi               CA        D

Collin    Peterson           MN       D

Todd Russell Platts        PA        R

Ted       Poe                  TX         R

Richard Pombo              CA        R

Earl      Pomeroy           ND        D

Deborah Pryce               OH       R

Nick      Rahall Jr.           WV       D

Jim       Ramstad           MN       R

Dennis  Rehberg            MT        R

David    Reichert            WA       R

Rick      Renzi                AZ        R

Silvestre Reyes              TX         D

Mike     Ross                 AR        D

Steven  Rothman           NJ        D

Dutch    Ruppersberger   MD       D

Bobby   Rush                 IL          D

Tim       Ryan                 OH       D

Paul      Ryan                 WI        R

Martin Olav Sabo           MN       D

John     Salazar             CO       D

Linda    Sanchez           CA        D

Loretta  Sanchez           CA        D

Bernard Sanders            VT        I

Janice   Schakowsky      IL          D

Adam    Schiff                CA        D

Allyson Schwartz           PA        D

John (Joe) Schwarz        MI         R

Robert   Scott                VA        D

Jose     Serrano             NY        D

Christopher Shays         CT        R

Brad     Sherman           CA        D

Don      Sherwood          PA        R

Rob      Simmons          CT        R

Louise McIntosh Slaughter NY    D

Adam    Smith                WA       D

Vic       Snyder              AR        D

Hilda     Solis                 CA        D

John     Spratt               SC        D

Fortney Pete Stark         CA        D

Ted       Strickland          OH       D

John     Sweeney           NY        R

Ellen     Tauscher           CA        D

Bennie  Thompson         MS       D

Mike     Thompson         CA        D

Todd     Tiahrt                KS        R

Patrick  Tiberi                OH       R

John     Tierney              MA       D

Mark     Udall                 CO       D

Tom      Udall                 NM       D

Nydia    Velazquez         NY        D

Peter    Visclosky          IN         D

James   Walsh               NY        R

Debbie  Wasserman Schultz FL  D

Maxine  Waters              CA        D

Diane    Watson             CA        D

Anthony Weiner             NY        D

Curt      Weldon             PA        R

Robert   Wexler              FL        D

Frank    Wolf                  VA        R

Lynn     Woolsey           CA        D

David    Wu                   OR       D


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