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FAA Slowing Pace of Controller Contract Negotiations - (9/8/2005)

WASHINGTON – National Air Traffic Controllers Association President John Carr today issued the following statement expressing frustration at the Federal Aviation Administration’s tactics in slowing the pace of ongoing contract negotiations:

“We are frustrated with the slow pace set by the FAA in our contract negotiations. It is disruptive and counterproductive. Rather than agreeing to longstanding, time-tested provisions, the agency has insisted on trading proposals back and forth on several minor issues.

“In the cumbersome bureaucracy of the FAA, it is not surprising to us these talks have bogged down and gotten stuck at several points along the way. Unfortunately, this delay has prevented us from tackling the issues that both NATCA and the agency have agreed are of paramount importance in these talks.

“We remain hopeful that the agency will join us in a commitment to move forward at a satisfactory pace so we can again feel optimism for a swift and successful collective bargaining process.”

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