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AFL-CIO Condemns FAA's "Draconian" Approach to Bargaining - (3/11/2004)

Resolution Says Congressional Involvement Premature

WASHINGTON – The AFL-CIO today condemned the Federal Aviation Administration’s misguided attempts to unilaterally impose the terms and conditions of a contract with its employees represented by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, calling its bargaining approach “draconian.”

NATCA filed a lawsuit Jan. 30, asking a federal court to order the Federal Service Impasses Panel to resolve the impasses affecting employees in 11 of NATCA’s non-controller bargaining units. The lawsuit asks the court to rule the FSIP does indeed have the jurisdiction and authority to resolve the impasses. However, shortly after the suit was filed, the FAA, in NATCA’s view, circumvented the law and the collective bargaining progress by taking the matter to Congress.

In a resolution passed today on the matter, the AFL-CIO said the FAA “is taking the indefensible position that it can simply stonewall and delay negotiations with its unions and then notify Congress that it cannot reach an agreement and 60 days later unilaterally impose the terms and conditions of the contract under which it wants to operate.”

The resolution also urged the FAA “to cease and desist this blatant attempt to use Congress as cover in an obvious campaign to sabotage the bargaining process and unilaterally impose new contracts on FAA workers. At a minimum, the FAA should wait for the courts to decide this issue.”

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