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FAA Staff Support Specialists Choose NATCA - (12/20/2001)

WASHINGTON - Federal Aviation Administration staff support specialists chose the National Air Traffic Controllers Association as their bargaining unit representative, joining a proud list of 16 other groups of aviation safety-related professionals.

Staff support specialists work in FAA facilities as well as the agency’s regional offices around the country, interfacing with operational air traffic controllers in the areas of airspace and procedures development, training and quality assurance. Staff support specialists are trained and qualified as air traffic controllers and many maintain operation currency. This bargaining unit numbers 939, which brings the total of NATCA-organized FAA employees since January 2000 to over 3,000. They join NATCA’s founding core group of 15,000 air traffic control specialists serving the FAA, Department of Defense and private sector.

“As with all of our organizing victories, we are very excited this group of employees will have a voice at work, not just regarding working conditions, but also the freedom to use their talent and expertise to advance the interests of the aviation community,” NATCA Executive Vice President Ruth Marlin said. “These are valued employees of the FAA and we are pleased they have voted to join us in representing not only the best interests of the employees in the union, but the flying public as well. Our organization’s strength is good news for the aviation community.”

In addition to controllers, NATCA represents approximately 1,200 FAA engineers and architects, as well as traffic management coordinators, aircraft certification employees, airports personnel, regional legal counsel, automation specialists, regional personnel from the FAA’s logistics, budget, finance and computer specialist divisions and employees of the aerospace medicine organization.

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