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Statement from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association - (9/14/2001)

WASHINGTON – On this national day of prayer and remembrance, air traffic controllers pause to join with the country in extending our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers to the thousands of families affected by this horrific tragedy. Today, we are joining together to help restore our National Airspace System (NAS) to its rightful stature as a safe harbor for all citizens. We are also currently in the process of assisting the FAA and national security authorities in reconstructing the events of Tuesday morning.

As we continue to assist this ongoing criminal investigation, please understand we will not be able to provide specific information on what happened due to its highly sensitive nature and critical importance to national security. NATCA will continue to attempt to provide accurate information or correct false information to the best of its ability. We urge the media to exercise restraint and extreme caution in this arena. The first priority of controllers is to work to help restore the NAS, ensuring the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of aircraft.
Please understand -- we will not take part in discussions – either on or off the record – which may jeopardize national security or the progress of investigations into these heinous and cowardly acts. We stand ready to assist the country in any way possible.

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