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AFL-CIO Offers Direct Affiliation to National Air Traffic Controllers Association - (3/23/1998)

Washington, D.C. --The AFL-CIO Executive Council unanimously voted March 20 to approve the issuance of a charter of affiliation to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the union representing 15,000 federal and private air traffic controllers and 1,200 FAA engineers.

"NATCA’s acceptance into the House of Labor is symbolic of labor’s resurgence in the United States which has occurred largely because of AFL-CIO President John Sweeney’s leadership," said NATCA President Michael McNally. "The 1981 strike of 11,800 air traffic controllers and their subsequent termination by President Ronald Reagan represented the beginning of a downturn for organized labor. For air traffic controllers, it is an honor and an historical event that our occupation in itself is being acknowledged by AFL-CIO.

"This is the first time in history the air traffic controllers' profession has been recognized by direct affiliation to the federation," McNally said. "We are extremely proud to be a part of the AFL-CIO. We see it not as a one-way street, but one where we’re committed to being a part of the federation in every way possible for the strength of organized labor. We know the charter comes with responsibility not only during good times but also through the challenges ahead," he added.

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