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Membership Ratifies 1998 Contract Agreement between NATCA and the FAA - (9/2/1998)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The membership of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association today overwhelmingly voted "yes" to the 1998 contract agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration, marking a fresh start between the union and the agency.

The "yes" vote solidifies the five-year pay package, a new 10 tier reclassification agreement and ratifies the NATCA-FAA contract. "This is certainly a step in the right direction toward improving our relationship with the agency. I am pleased to see Administrator Jane Garvey recognizing the needs of air traffic controllers," said NATCA President Mike McNally.

The vote represented a 91.68 percent victory with 8,219 voting in favor of the new contract, against the remaining 747 who voted against. "The membership is looking forward to the hiring of more controllers to keep up with the demands of increasing air traffic," remarked McNally.

In the contract, it states the amount of controllers will increase to 15,000 then grow by two percent per year in outer years of the agreement.

In January, NATCA and the FAA put the contract on the fast track. From that point, it took only six months to reach this historic agreement, which marks the first time a federal labor union negotiated wages with a traditional government agency.

"This took a lot of work on both sides to make the agreement work. I am pleased the membership is happy with it," said McNally.

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