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NATCA Extends Wishes for Safe and Happy Holiday Travel Season - (12/21/2000)

WASHINGTON - As the busy holiday travel season gets into full swing, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association would like to remind travelers they have the safest air traffic control system in the world. This is because 15,000 controllers are on the job, working hard to make sure every flight is safe and progresses as efficiently as possible.

Ensuring the safety of travelers is the fundamental mission of government air traffic controllers. The service they provide is free from profit motives. The experience, talent and dedication of controllers is the reason why safety remains the bottom line in today’s air traffic control services.

While the primary responsibility of controllers is to guide travelers to their destinations safely, efficiency is also prevalent on our minds as the focus of the air traffic control system continues to be reducing delays. It is no secret there are more planes scheduled for certain peak hours of the day at busy airports than can safely be handled without delays. This is because of capacity limits at those airports and requirements to keep aircraft at safe distances from one another on runways and taxiways.

Delays due to heavy volume and, in some cases, weather, are a reality at these busy airports. But safety will always be the primary consideration as schedules are met. The air traffic control system will be tested during this holiday travel season. Controllers will be working hard to minimize the impact of delays, moving traffic as fast as the system will safely allow. No matter how heavy the traffic gets or how much weather may impact the system, controllers will ensure the safety of every flight.

During this holiday season, while you are home enjoying time with your families, NATCA members will proudly be on the job, working every day and night to make sure the skies are safe. NATCA wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday season. You take care of the joy; we’ve got the safety covered.

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