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NATCA Congratulates Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta - (1/24/2001)

WASHINGTON – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association extends its congratulations to Norman Mineta on his Senate confirmation today as Secretary of Transportation.

“Expertise in transportation issues over his long and distinguished career in public service makes Secretary Mineta the right person to tackle the important challenges awaiting him in the Department of Transportation,” NATCA President John S. Carr said. “NATCA is proud to have Secretary Mineta’s leadership and looks forward to working with him to ensure the continued high level of safety and excellence in our air traffic control system.

“We welcome the opportunity to join Secretary Mineta in continuing the forward progress which has been made in improving the system, including increased modernization. We believe the DOT and the Federal Aviation Administration have turned the corner in the pursuit of not only the safest, but also most efficient and most technologically-advanced system.”

NATCA believes Secretary Mineta will have a positive impact on aviation issues, which can only benefit the nation’s air transportation system. NATCA joins with FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and numerous other aviation officials who have praised Secretary Mineta’s qualifications and understanding of aviation issues.

Outgoing Secretary Rodney Slater said, “in the 21st century, aviation will be the engine of growth for the world that the Eisenhower Interstate Highway system was for America during the latter half of the 20th century.”

NATCA is proud to have Secretary Mineta at the controls of this engine.

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