Interest Based Communications: The Next Step In Collaborative Process
Friday, September 06, 2013

Sequestration has dealt a blow to the National Airspace System and delayed everything from hiring new controllers to NextGen modernization programs. But one major program remains strong and robust, proceeding with only a brief delay: Interest Based Communications (IBC).

IBC is the next step in enhancing NATCA-Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Collaboration, facilitating more collaboration at the local level. This week, at the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C., IBC leaders held a "Train the Trainer" session for a group of about a dozen Union and Agency representatives. These representatives will soon begin training mid-level NATCA and FAA management officials at local facilities on using IBC. This is the much-anticipated follow-up to the initial IBC training late last year, provided to Air Traffic Managers and NATCA’s Principal Facility Representatives across the nation.

From top right and going counterclockwise: Mike Bigler - NATCA, Kim Pyle - FAA, Russ Miller - NATCA, Todd Smith - FAA, Noel Kingston - NATCA, Jim Marinitti - NATCA, Moses Eshkenazi - FAA, Vern Huffman - FAA, Erskin Mitchell - Organizational Effectiveness (OE) office, Carmen Tarbell - OE office, Tom Hayes - OE office and IBC program Lead.

The upcoming training will include 32 sites, training between 800-900 participants, and possibly many more.

"It's a huge initiative. We're very excited to bring IBC to more layers of our organizations and build on what we've already achieved in collaboration," said Russ Miller, NATCA National Coordinator on the Collaboration Oversight Group. “From our earliest IBC sessions last fall, FacReps and ATMs have been begging us to get these concepts trained to their ‘next level down.’”

Added Tom Hayes, Miller’s management counterpart at FAA Headquarters, “IBC Air Traffic Mid Level clearly demonstrates that the Agency and NATCA are strongly committed to this direction. This training will provide the communication tools needed in the field facilities to ensure that together we remain the world’s gold standard for aviation safety.”

NATCA's Dean Iacopelli leads the IBC Train the Trainer session this week at the National Office.