ZKC Member Needs Your Help With Leave Donations To Care for Baby Daughter, Wife Battling Cancer
Friday, August 30, 2013

In the fall of 2011, doctors for Kansas City Center (ZKC) member Tim Ekvall’s wife, Jenny, found the first occurrence of pancreatic cancer. After a thorough evaluation showing no other cancer, her tumor was surgically removed in January 2012. Recovery went well and the Ekvalls were cleared to return to trying to start a family.

Jenny found out she was pregnant in January of this year. But in May, she went to work with a bad backache that kept getting worse. During an examination, doctors checked for kidney stones but found multiple lesions in her liver as well as a spot on her pancreas. Jenny’s pregnancy was at only 23 weeks. 

Jenny gave birth at 32 weeks to a beautiful baby girl named Arya.

“She had to deliver our daughter early because the cancer was still progressing,” Tim Ekvall said. “Our daughter did and is doing great, already past her birth weight. She’s been on room air from the beginning.”

The Ekvalls brought Arya home last week and she’s grown up to six pounds, 12 ounces.
Jenny has started chemotherapy and will be evaluated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota next month. 

Tim recently moved to Fargo, N.D., with a hardship transfer in order to be nearer to Jenny’s family for extra help. 

“Jenny’s prognosis is unknown, but we certainly have the best care possible,” he said. 

The Ekvalls now need the help of their NATCA brothers and sisters. Tim is in the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. If you would like to donate leave, please contact your facility representative or use the FAA computer at your facility to access the VLTP form online on the FAA employees website.

For more information including a full list of NATCA members currently needing leave donation assistance, please click HERE.