BNA Member Patrick Gamble Earns Degree from National Labor College
Friday, July 12, 2013

Veteran NATCA Member Patrick Gamble of Nashville (BNA) earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy of Labor from the National Labor College (NLC) and participated in the NLC’s annual commencement exercises last month at the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies in Linthicum, Maryland.
We asked Patrick for his thoughts on completing the long journey it took to earn his degree:
I earned my Associates of Arts degree back before becoming an air traffic controller. I've always been interested in history and politics and became active with NATCA in the legislative arena in the 
mid  1990's when there was a push in Congress towards privatizing the system. I went to my first 
Lobby Week (now known as NATCA in Washington) in 1995 and eventually became the Alabama and Mississippi State Legislative Coordinator in 2003 and served until 2008.
I decided to go back to college in 2004 and majored in Political Science at the University of Alabama- Huntsville. But my duties as a state legislative coordinator and local president at HSV during the implementation of the White Book made continuing classwork impossible.
I found out about the NLC in 2010 and started taking classes. I had a health issue in 2008 so I completely missed the financial crisis and afterwards became interested in that subject, so the NLC's Political Economy major fit right into my interests.
Earning my degree was very satisfying. Similar to the pride you feel in yourself when you become certified in your first air traffic facility. It was a goal that was reached by being disciplined and putting a lot of effort into my studies. I couldn't have done it without the support of my family as there were many hours spent away from them while I was bellied up to my desk. Not to mention the occasional, well maybe more than occasional, grumpiness that went along with the classwork.
I also thank NATCA for the tuition reimbursement program we have and hope more NATCA members would take advantage of it and also take advantage of the academic programs the NLC has to offer. 
My next challenge is to not rest on my laurels and use what I've learned to assist NATCA and the 
labor movement in general.

For more information on the tuition reimbursement program, see SRF-14 of NATCA’s Constitution, or contact Abigail Glenn-Chase at

Nashville (BNA) Member Patrick Gamble (right) receives his degree from National Labor College Provost Dan Katz, Ph.D.