NATCA Announces Two New Membership Categories
Friday, July 12, 2013

NATCA is pleased to announce two new membership categories:

Platinum Retired Membership

This membership level is an exclusive membership available at no cost to our NATCA members who paid dues as an active member for 20-plus consecutive years immediately prior to their retirement.

For those not eligible for the Platinum Program, we offer two other options for Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) membership: the first is a $35 Annual Membership and the second is a Lifetime Membership at a one-time cost of $350.

Both Platinum and Lifetime Members receive an RNAV shirt of their choice.

Retired members are afforded a vast array of benefits, including Union Plus benefits, entrance to financial seminars and access to news and information such as the members-only website, the print and electronic quarterly publications, the NATCA Insider and a NATCA email account.

Lifetime Family Associate 

This membership is available free of charge to family members of deceased long-term members of NATCA. They will receive all of the benefits listed below for the Family Associate Membership:
  • The Air Traffic Controller quarterly publication
  • The NATCA Insider weekly e-newsletter
  • Union Plus Benefits
  • SIG Alternate FEGLI Insurance
  • Discounted GEICO Insurance Services
  • Access to the NATCA Store
  • A special Family NATCA Email Address
For more information, including applications for these and other membership categories, please click HERE.