CFS 2013 VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: NTSB Member Dr. Earl Weener
Thursday, June 27, 2013

(Latest in a series)

In March NATCA had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Earl F. Weener as a keynote speaker at Communicating for Safety. He became the 41st member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on June 30, 2010, after an accomplished career in aviation as an engineering executive, safety advocate, industry safety spokesperson, engineer and pilot. Weener has been a part of the aviation community for 47 years.

Dr. Weener began his career in the aviation community as a flight instructor. For 24 years he worked for Boeing before he was appointed as an NTSB member. During his time at Boeing, he was an engineer and, in the later parts, an engineer executive. In Boeing, he was “involved in assignments that included developing the flight crew interface of Boeing 767 and 757 flight decks, as well as the preliminary development of modifications to the 747 that lead to a modern tow crew flight deck.” Later he was sent to Washington, D.C., as the manager of government and technical affairs.

With all of his career accomplishments, Dr. Weener has always put his efforts into aviation safety. He has worked with the Flight Safety Foundation to develop and lead two international programs that are focused on enhancing ground and runway safety.

During CFS, Dr. Weener emphasized the importance of government and industry cooperation in order to improve safety. Over the last decade, the accident rate of large transportation has decreased by 80 percent due to government and industry cooperation. He also stressed the importance of partnership between air traffic controllers and pilots to ensure effective communication and the improvement of general aviation safety.

“Controllers are in the position to see the bigger picture and provide central support in times of emergency, which requires the pilot to let controllers know that the situation is,” he said. “For this partnership between controllers and pilots to be effective, there must be solid communication between the two parties.”

In his closing statements Dr. Weener stated, “I see pilots and controllers being part of same team if we’re going to improve general aviation safety. We need to improve it both on the pilot side and the controller side. 

To watch the video of Dr. Weener’s complete presentation, please click HERE.