This Week's Photo Album: Rinaldi and Santore Visit NKT
Friday, June 28, 2013

MCAS CHERRY POINT (NKT; N.C.): NATCA President Paul Rinaldi (left, light shirt) and Southern Regional Vice President Victor Santore (far left) visited NKT, a 100 percent NATCA facility, on Tuesday, June 25. These members are taking 11 days of furloughs this fiscal year beginning July 8th. NATCA will continue to advocate for them and all members against the negative effects of sequestration.

Congratulations On Your Retirement, Tom Thompson! This week, Tom Thompson, who has served as the facility representative at Indianapolis Center for the past six years, retired. Incoming ZID VP David Keifer said of Thompson in a message on his Facebook page: "Your dedication to NATCA and working issues out with local management have set the bar very high. I have learned a great deal from you and will do my very best to continue the level of leadership you have shown this facility regardless of my position within NATCA. It is an honor to call you Brother." Below are photos of his retirement cake, along with a group photo of Tom (second from right) receiving a NATCA Timmy Award at a celebration dinner on June 27. At left is Great Lakes Regional Vice President Bryan Zilonis, with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and NATCA President Paul Rinaldi.

REGION X ENGINEERS WELCOME ADMINISTRATOR HUERTA: NATCA members and engineers Curt Howe (second from left, white shirt) and Don Schmeichel (third from right) joined with other members and employees at the Local ENM office in Renton, Wash. on Thursday, June 27 to welcome a visit by FAA Administrator Michael Huerta (navy blue blazer).

PHL HOSTS SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT: NATCA PHL held its annual Reloaded softball tournament on Wednesday, June 26. Above - a panorama of the field and members gathered to watch and enjoy a great day of solidarity, joined by Eastern Regional Vice President Phil Barbarello and Eastern Regional Legislative Representative Andy Lewis. Below -- family members got into the action with the bats too!

ABOVE: Former NATCA President John Carr poses with Allison Tant, Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, during the Florida Jefferson-Jackson Dinner last week. BELOW: Florida Senator Bill Nelson took a minute to share some conversation with Miami Member Rick Martinez and his girlfriend Lindsay, and Miami Member Bill Kisseadoo's wife Penny.