NATCA in Washington 2013: A Look Back at a Successful Conference
Friday, May 31, 2013

Burlington, Vt., (BTV) Members Rick Selter, left, and Vermont state coordinator Marvin Anamanya (BTV), pose near the U.S. Capitol en route to a Congressional meeting during last week’s NATCA in Washington (NiW) conference.

PHOTO ALBUM: Retired member George Petrovich was the photographer at this year’s event and has provided our members with a great collection of NiW 2013 photos from start to finish. We have added them to our NATCA Flickr photo collection. Please click HERE to see the NiW album. We are also adding photos to the album that were taken by NATCA members themselves during the event. If you attended the event and have photos you’d like to submit, please send them to Laura Roose (email address to be hyperlinked).

More NiW Resources, Coverage:

First issue of NiW Today, May 20: Please click HERE. The first of the two issues was themed, "The Band-Aid Fix - Sequestration: What You Need to Know." Included are stories about meeting with members of Congress, fact sheets, briefing reports, a Q&A and much more.

Second issue of NiW Today, May 21: Please click HERE. The second issue features full coverage of the first day (May 20) of the conference, an issues refresher, departing National Legislative Committee member recognition, meeting outline and talking points and much more.

WEBSITE: The new NiW website, created and launched for this year’s event, will remain an active resource throughout the year and we encourage you to make it part of your “favorites” collection. Please click HERE.

MORE COVERAGE: Coming soon in the summer 2013 issue of the Air Traffic Controller quarterly publication.