NATCA Well Represented at 52nd Annual IFATCA Conference
Friday, May 10, 2013

NATCA's Melvin Davis accepts a gift from IFATCA EVP-Africa Middle East Keziah Ogutu (Kenya), to show the African States’ gratitude for NATCA’s support.

The 52nd annual International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) conference was held in Bali, Indonesia, from April 24-28. NATCA was represented by:
·       Melvin Davis (SCT), Director Committee A
·       Mark O’Neil (S&T), Delegate Committee B
·       Deidre Hatchard (D21), Delegate Committee C
·       Dr. Ruth Stilwell (ZMA), IFATCA ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC) Observer
·       Joseph Cardenas (SJU), Observer, NATCA Safety Committee International Representative
IFATCA honored its outgoing Executive Board (EB) members from NATCA.
Retired NATCA employee Adell Humphreys was honored for her seven years of service on the IFATCA Executive Board as EB Secretary. The completion of this service marks her full transition to retired life after retiring from NATCA Headquarters last year.
Former NATCA President Pat Forrey (retired, Cleveland Center) completed his term as IFATCA Executive Vice President Technical. Two years ago, when IFATCA was facing a vacancy in this critical office, Forrey agreed to step in with NATCA’s full support. Despite the already high and increasing workload associated with position, Forrey helped to grow a highly effective and broad technical reputation for the Federation. His skill was recognized by long-serving members of the IFATCA technical team. Forrey is on the far right in this photo (left), joined by (left to right) Davis, Stilwell, Cardenas and Hatchard.
In addition, the Africa Region thanked NATCA for its long-standing support. Davis, serving as NATCA’s director of delegation for the conference, was asked to attend the Africa and Middle East Regional meeting. It was there that the IFATCA EVP-Africa Middle East presented NATCA with a plaque to show the African States’ gratitude for NATCA’s support.

The controllers from Kenya noted that they will never forget what NATCA did for them – referring to a period several years ago when controllers engaged in lawful protest were confronted by police with tear gas and driven from their homes. The Kenyan association was bankrupted by the legal fight on behalf of their members, and NATCA was proud to send financial support. The plaque is on display at NATCA Headquarters.
In addition NATCA representatives were elected to key IFATCA committees:

      Technical Operations Committee (TOC): Mark O’Neil (Safety and Technology Department and retired Boston Center) has represented NATCA on the IFATCA TOC.  His work has been greatly appreciated by the Federation and he will continue in this position.

      Professional Legal Committee (PLC): NATCA has not been involved on this committee for several years. With NATCA’s increased knowledge and work in issues such as fatigue and professional standards, the decision was made to re-engage on this committee. The National Executive Board (NEB) has selected Deidre Hatchard to serve as NATCA's representative.

While IFATCA represents 134 countries, there are only six elected positions on the Technical and Operations Committee and 10 on the Professional and Legal Committee.  NATCA was elected to serve on both committees for the coming year. Both committees had competitive elections, with many more members wanting to serve than there were positions available. The election of NATCA to both committees is a reflection of the value representatives from other countries place on our contributions.