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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boots on the Ground Meeting

Boots on the Ground, a NATCA program in which retired members engage their legislative voice in states to have a key influence on elections, met at the NATCA National Office on Thursday, Nov. 29. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert congratulated the team on their hard work and tenacity. Paul praised their efforts and said "every state that you guys were in, we won." Trish asked the Boots on the Ground team if they thought that the outcome was going to be what it was, and most, if not all, replied, "Yes!"

Former President John Carr (pink shirt) talks about his work in Florida during the campaign. Pictured left to right afterwards Dave Johnson, Penny Lloyd, Chris McKeever. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert listen in.

President Paul Rinaldi and Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert.

Pictured left to right Kyle Johnson and Craig Smith

Pictured left to right John Carr, Dave Johnson, Penny Lloyd, Chris McKeever, George Wiewiora and Dena McClung

Pictured left to right Bob and Valerie Butterworth

Pictured left to right John Carr, Dave Johnson, Penny Lloyd, Chris McKeever

Pictured left to right Bob and Valerie Butterworth, Kyle Johnson, Craig Smith and Mike Ingrao

World Controller Cup International Team Takes Fourth Place in Brazil

The World Controller Cup is a week-long soccer tournament that showcases the talents of air traffic controllers all over the world and encourages worldwide friendship among the international controller family. Held Nov. 4-10, teams from all over the world came to Bahia, Brazil, to play soccer and celebrate its international cultural festivities. The three air traffic controllers who represented the United States on the International team were Thomas Sztochmal (Chicago Center), Gary Wang (Santa Barbara - SBA), and Trisha Pesiri (SBA).

The International team was made up of players from several different countries including Spain, Brazil, England, Russia, and France. The International team played a total of eight games, winning five and losing three, finishing the tournament in fourth place.

"This end result was incredible considering the team had never played together before and spoke several different languages," said Pesiri. "Although the tournament was co-ed, the International team was also complete with the only two female players in the tournament. The WCC's overall objective is to promote and develop social and professional relationships between air traffic controllers across the world through football, while proudly honoring our unique profession."

The third annual World Controllers Cup will take place next November in Puerto Rico. For more information visit

Team International.

Team International scores against Brazil/Mexico. Trisha Pesiri (SBA) is wearing No. 9.

Ohio Members Saluted by NATCA Leadership for Campaign Work

Last Tuesday, Cleveland Center (ZOB) members hosted a dinner to say thank you to everyone that volunteered to work on election campaigns in the battleground state of Ohio. President Paul Rinaldi, Great Lakes Regional Vice President Bryan Zilonis, National Legislative Committee Chairman Steve Weidner, ZOB Facility Representative Drew MacQueen and NLC Great Lakes Regional Representative Mike Hanlon all spoke to the assembled members about the importance of their volunteering. There were about 30 members in attendance.

NLC Chairman Steve Weidner, Great Lakes Regional Vice President Bryan Zilonis (back) and ZOB Facility Representative Drew MacQueen (front)

Multi-Unit Collaboration Meeting

Management and Labor participants from NATCA Multi-Unit bargaining units met for a two-day collaborative work group process training. Pictured below are groups paired off working through an exercise emphasizing teamwork and consensus building.

Russ Roberts, Gwendolyn Kimbrough from AFN Finance, and Kate Lang, Sam Samad from Airports/National.

Kathy Wilson, LeAnne Faulkner from General Counsel regional offices, and Jim Johnson, Scott Tener from Airports/Central.

Julie Seltsam-Wilps, Rick Perez from New England Region, and Juan Brown, Richard Owen from Airports/ORL District Office, and Collen McKenna from Aircraft Certification and a Collaboration Coordinator/Facilitator.