This Week's Photo Album
Thursday, December 13, 2012

ICT Solidarity Event

Wichita Tower (ICT) held a combination solidarity event and Christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 9, at the Old Chicago restaurant. NATCAvist AnnMarie Taggio talked about the PAC and how it operates to members that attended. Central Regional Vice President Kevin Peterson also made an appearance Sunday night speaking to members about regional affairs and other updates.

Pictured left to right Pat Pelkowski (ICT FacRep), Christopher Headrick (member), and Kristen and Richard Currie (member).

Pictured left to right: Sean (member) and Via Groceman, Amanda Stierwalt (member) and Chris Mcleland (member)

Pictured left to right Dominick and Dena Norman, Bill Norman (member) and Via Groceman

Pictured left to right Casey, Stacey and Bruce Despommier (member), and Ken Locke (member)

Pictured left to right Don (member) and Missy Donaldson, and Sam (member) and Kristina Walters (member)

Pictured left to right Sam Walters, AnnMarie Taggio and Kristina Walters

ZLA Gathers in Solidarity

Los Angeles Center (ZLA) members gathered together in holiday spirit and solidarity on Monday, Dec. 10. ZLA members Yolanda Dijkstra-Nisani and Jackie Fragas show their NATCA pride.

SCT Holiday Gathering 2012

Southern California TRACON (SCT) family and friends celebrated this holiday season on Tuesday night in the beautiful Gaslamp Quarter downtown San Diego. Over six hours of solidarity, camaraderie, dining and dancing, including a raffle with all proceeds going to the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF), were celebrated by the facility. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, NATCA Executive Vice President and Western Pacific Regional Vice President Ham Ghaffari joined in SCT's holiday party.

"Strength is in numbers and our numbers are high," said SCT Facility Representative Ron Geyer. "NATCA members working planes on the swingshift at SCT enjoyed a catered dinner including their own raffle while at work. Local SCT's Event Chairperson sister Lana McCarthy orchestrated the evening and, as always, she and her committee were on their game taking care of the Local."

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, NWP Alternate VP Mike Hull (SCT) and Western Pacific Regional Vice President Ham Ghaffari

SCT FacRep Ron Geyer bustin' a move with his daughter, Heather.

Heidi Tamaz (left) and Nelli Kerez (right) discussing CFS and maximum support from the Local

Mike Hull and Ron Geyer

Doug  Voelpel (left) Val Voelpel (right)

SCT Holiday Party group shot.

TUL Holiday Gathering 2012

Tulsa Tower (TUL) celebrate the holidays at a local Kilkenny's Irish Pub on Saturday, Dec. 8. NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert attended with her husband John Gilbert.

Tulsa Riverside (RVS) Facility Representative Rich Hall talking with NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert about his staffing and leave issues.

Kilkenny's Irish Pub restaurant  menu

Pictured left to right John and Trish Gilbert, TUL Facility Representative Jason Perkins, and his wife Jewell and daughter Kaitlyn.