ZMA "Feeding South Florida"
Thursday, November 29, 2012


With the passing and upcoming holidays, many facilities may be wondering how they can get involved. Look no further than the charitable acts at Miami Center (ZMA). Once again the facility has made a big impact in their Miami area community.

ZMA Charity Committee members Asela Flynn, Don Candage and Todd Kravchuk, and NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) President Elena Nash all came up with the idea of a food drive.

"We found Feeding South Florida to fit NCF's charity requirements for donations," said Flynn. "Feeding South Florida serves areas from Palm Beach to Monroe County. We give them what food we collected and they distribute it to the South Florida community."

The ZMA food drive kicked off Oct. 8 and lasted until Nov. 13. Flynn and the team members tried to make their fundraising efforts more interesting by decorating their food drive boxes and offering incentives.

"Since this food drive ran into Oct. 31, we decided we'd have people stay next to the food drive boxes and give out candy to those who brought in food that day," said Flynn. "Everybody at the facility was involved in making sure this fundraiser pulled through."

In total, ZMA was able to raise over two pallets of nonperishable food items and over $100 in grocery gift cards. NCF also helped Feeding South Florida by donating $500 to the charity

"It really is easy to get you and your facility engaged and involved in charitable work," said Nash. "Be an inspiration to other facilities, it doesn't require a lot of effort."

"Having this charitable commitment has been great," said ZMA Facility Representative Steve Wallace. "There are several people now on the committee, and they've done an excellent job at hosting this fundraiser. It's really been bringing everyone together."

ZMA next fundraising event will be with the Family Giving Tree providing toys and other gifts to low-income families for the holidays.