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Thursday, October 18, 2012

NATCA Sponsors Va. Air Show, Promotes Profession

On Sept. 14-16, NATCA was the proud sponsor of the annual Oceana Naval Air Station Air Show held in the Hampton Roads, Va., area. This airshow is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most popular on the East Coast with over 300,000 people in attendance over the course of the three-day event.

Numerous Norfolk Tower NATCA members, most notably Norfolk Facility Representative Glenn Griffin and NATCA member Brynn Madamba, helped the event go off without a hitch. Members took every opportunity to promote the air traffic control profession. The NATCA balsa wood aircraft became one of the most sought after items by the children in attendance. Along with the many aircraft enthusiasts gathered from all around the country, members had the chance to meet numerous military air traffic controllers that work in the area.

TOP (L to R): Ana Miller, Nygel Mack, Glenn Griffin, Rossanna Hudson, Rushelle
Bradfield, April Swetof, Kareem Cooks, Kamil Kulakowski, and Robert Rogers.

BELOW (L to R) Kamil Kulakowski, Ana Miller, Glenn Griffin, Kareem Cooks,
Brynn Madamba, Nygel Mack, and April Swetof.

NATCA Benefits Discussed at National Office

NATCA is proud to offer its members a comprehensive array of benefit programs. The National Benefits Committee, which researches and analyzes potential benefits for the membership that will best enhance the overall NATCA benefit program, was at the National Office on Oct. 17-18 for a meeting. For a full listing of NATCA benefit programs, please click here.

Standing (left to right) National Benefits Committee members Frank Savasta, George Petrovich and Matt Bonidie. Sitting (left to right) NBC member Connie Harbin, NBC Chairman John Bratcher and Julie Hart, NATCA Benefits Board of Trustees

Pictured left to right George Regitko and Danny Brooks, Southern Insurance Group, Don Smith from National Insurance and George Petrovich, National Benefits Committee.

Washington, D.C., Area Solidarity Event Draws Good Crowd

Legislative talk, appropriately, was the order of the day at a solidarity event last week near the nation's capital. Click here to read more.

Pictured left to right Washington Center members Josh Collier, Charlie Sample, Kim Watson, Kristena Jones, Rob Burton and Orlando Murrell.

NATCA OKC Meet & Greet

With a great turnout at the Oct. 18 Meet & Greet, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert spoke to OKC students about the importance of the air traffic control profession and the future it holds for them.