This Week's Photo Album
Friday, October 05, 2012

Great Lakes Region Solidarity Event

Approximately 125 NATCA Great Lakes Region members and family attended a Solidarity event on Oct. 1, held at Union Jacks Pub in Speedway, Ind. Members in attendance included Indianapolis Center (ZID), Indianapolis Tower (IND), Dayton Tower (DAY), Evansville Tower (EVV), Peoria Tower (PIA), Champaign Tower (CMI), Cleveland Center (ZOB) and Chicago Center (ZAU). Click here to read full story.

Congressman Joe Donnelly (IN-2) and NLC Chairman Steve Weidner

NATCA Great Lakes Regional Vice President Bryan Zilonis, Congressman Joe Donnelly and Great Lakes Legislative Representative Mike Hanlon

Joe Donnelly and Indiana Legislative Representative Ashley Snedeker

Sami Schneider (Wendy's Daughter) & Wendy Schneider (ZID)

Adam Carmichael (ZID) & Kara Alexander (ZID)

Michelle & Chris Trudeau (ZID)

Basic Representative Training

Thirty NATCA members attended a Basic Representative Training course in Phoenix last week, focusing on grievance workshops. NATCA President Paul Rinaldi addressed the group and discussed mentorship and becoming more involved in NATCA.

"Our future is bright knowing the dedication and willingness of the next generation is able to get training through classes such as Basic Representative Training, and becoming more involved in their union," said Central Regional Vice President Kevin Peterson.

NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert at International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) Meeting

NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert was in London this week for the Civil Aviation International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) meeting. Gilbert serves as the Vice Chair of ITF's Air Traffic Services. Unlike NATCA, which deals with both industrial and professional issues, most other countries have a professional organization that works the professional issues such as safety, technology and procedures and a Union that handles industrial issues such as grievances, benefits, work schedules, etc. Many issues handled by one group overlap into the other’s area of jurisdiction. Please read the Paul Rinaldi/Trish Gilbert Team Update on Monday, Oct. 8, for more information about this week’s meeting. To learn more about the ITF, please click here.