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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Los Angeles Basin Area Solidarity

Los Angeles Tower (LAX) and other LA Basin facilities joined together for a Solidarity event last week with 60 members in attendance. National Legislative Committee (NLC) Chair Steve Weidner attended the event to share the importance of giving to the PAC. Western Pacific Region Vice President Ham Ghaffari, Western Pacific Region NLC Trisha Pesiri, and Western Pacific Alternate RVP Mike Hull also attended the event to speak with attendees.

National Validation Team

This week, the National Validation Team (NVT) met together at the Washington, D.C., National Office. Comprised of NATCA members and FAA managers, the NVT works together to ensure the proper application of the complex formula of the pay scale and determine the integrity of the mechanisms affecting facility pay levels.

"The NVT highly encourages all facilities to take an active role in understanding the processes outlined in Appendix A of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, as well as monitoring the components of their facility's complex calculations," said team member Brody McCray.

Visit their team page here.