Stephen Munroe: Your New Alaskan RVP
Thursday, August 02, 2012

After 20 years of activism at NATCA, Alaskan Regional Vice President (RVP) Larry Lescanec is retiring and Stephen Munroe will be taking over as RVP. The National Election Committee met on Tuesday at the National Office to count the ballots that established Munroe as the next Alaskan RVP.

The committee consisted of Committee Chair Mike Patterson (EVV), Sandy Warren (F11), and Joe Lolio (PWM). Two committee members, Jacob James (A80) and Chris Thomas (L30), were unable to attend.

Pictured left to right: Joe Lolio, Mike Patterson and Sandy Warren

According to the results of the committee report, a total of 300 ballots were mailed to the membership, including three duplicates.

"While this was a relatively straightforward election, since only one region was contested, we always encourage our members to vote and participate in the democratic process," said Patterson.

The results confirmed Munroe's win with 117 votes. Marcus Tomlin received 18.

Munroe has been an alternate RVP for 11 years and has held many roles in the Union. Currently, he's a controller at Anchorage Center (ZAN), where he has been since he was hired in Feb. 1982.

Munroe was heavily involved with helping to organize NATCA in the Alaskan Region in the early 1980s. He currently sits on the LR Strategy team as the Alaskan LR Lead. He's also a regional coordinator for collaboration for the Alaskan and some Western Pacific facilities.

"I'm excited, and committed to doing the job for the Alaskan Region and NATCA," said Munroe. "I'm looking forward to it. It will be a steep learning curve, but I hope to get up to speed quickly. I would also like to thank Larry for all the time and effort he put into the job as he heads off to retirement."