CFS 2012: Bigger and Better Than Ever!
Friday, February 03, 2012

Communicating for Safety 2012, which was held this week at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, will be remembered for many highlights, perhaps most notably the record attendance of more than 940 members.

For the first time, CFS was proud to host an appearance by the Secretary of Transportation. Secretary Ray LaHood spoke on Wednesday morning and thanked controllers for the jobs they do for the safety of the system. Prior to his remarks, the Secretary was met by President Paul Rinaldi and Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, who led him on a tour through the exhibitors area, where booths hosted by NATCA corporate members were set up.

Also for the first time, the CFS-closing Archie League Medal of Safety awards banquet was proud to host an appearance and remarks by the head of the FAA. Acting Administrator Michael Huerta gave keynote remarks.

In addition, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) President Capt. Lee Moak gave a strong speech in support of the controller-pilot relationship to kick off Wednesday's Day 3 of the conference. Said Moak: "It's great to be with my friends and partners at NATCA. We work very well together in Washington and I have great respect for your leadership, the job you do and your entire profession. Not only do we work well in Washington, but it is critical that we work together well on the job. And we do, which is in large part why our safety record is what it is today. You are doing a difficult and at times thankless job and handle it all as top-notch professionals."

Holding a conference of this size, scope and importance was made possible only by the extraordinary efforts of a large group of dedicated members and staff. NATCA would like to thank the Safety Committee and the many NATCA volunteers for their great work!

Thanks to the work of the NATCA IT Committee, each panel and speaker from the conference will be available online on our public video channel at this link:

The committee is working through the weekend and into next week to add more videos from the conference. Currently, these panels are available for viewing:

Day 1, Jan. 30

ATC Infoshare, Panel 1 (Chicago Center Weather Dissemination; Mark Zameda, ZAU NATCA; Ray Cummins, Operations Manager, ZAU)

ATC Infoshare, Panel 2 (Miami Tower Workgroup; Jim Marinitti, NATCA MIA Tower/TRACON Facility Representative; Juan Fuentes, Miami Tower/TRACON Manager; Bill Kisseadoo, VP Miami Tower/TRACON)

ATC Infoshare, Panel 4 (T-SAP overview; Richard Riggs, T-SAP ERC, PASS; Bobbie Sprouse, T-SAP ERC, ATO; Bob Mattmann, T-SAP Program Manager)

ATC Infoshare, ALPA (Delta Air Lines ALPA Rep. Capt. Mike Schilz, ALPA Safety Information Analysis programs)

Photos from the conference can be found on the NATCA Flickr page here.