First Baby of 2012 Born in Indiana County Brings Excitement to Indianapolis Center
Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joe Allen, a controller at Indianapolis Center, and his wife Adriana were excited enough to welcome their first child, Luca James Allen, into the world on Jan. 1. But if that news wasn’t enough, they were thrilled to find out they had the first child of 2012 in a fast-growing Indiana county.

Adriana gave birth to Luca at 5:06 a.m. on Jan. 1 at IU West Hospital in Avon, Ind. Joe said the thought that they might have had the first baby in Hendricks County never crossed their minds. With nearly 150,000 residents, Joe said he and his wife were stunned to hear the news.

“Our due date was Dec. 26, so we really weren’t expecting anything like this,” Joe said. “We assumed 5 a.m. was too late, but it was a great surprise when we found out that day.”

The local newspaper wrote a story about the Allen’s delivery, which Joe said he plans to save to show his son when he is old enough to comprehend it.

“The coverage has been so nice, because it gives us something to show Luca, and let him know just how special he is,” Joe said. “It’s a great treat that not too many parents get to have, so it’s very exciting.”

Tom Thompson, the facility representative at Indianapolis Center, said the exciting timing couldn’t have happened to a nicer family and outstanding union member. He said Allen has been at the center approximately four years and has quickly shown himself to be both a solid controller and union representative.
“Joe is very active. He participates in Communicating for Safety, NATCA In Washington and regularly marches in the local Labor Day parade” Thompson said. “He really is a outstanding member and we are all thrilled for him and his wife.”

Now that Adriana and Luca are out of the hospital, the couple is adjusting well to being parents. Joe said both his wife and son are sleeping much more than he had expected, and since Adriana took the year off from teaching to raise Luca, Joe plans to return to work as soon as this week.

Joe said he had planned to attend CFS in Atlanta this year, as he often does, but he is happy to take a year off for such a wonderful reason.

“I had planned to go, I wanted to go to CFS,” Joe said. “But I have far more important things to do.”

Joe said his coworkers and the union as a whole have been extremely supportive of the Allen family as he took around two weeks off to help his wife take care of their baby.

“It’s times like these where you really do feel like a family,” he said. “I have gotten nothing but congratulations and well-wishes from lots of people, and to know you have so many co-workers excited for you and your wife is really a great feeling.”