National Office Communications, Outreach Departments Unveil New Staff Lineups
Friday, October 07, 2011

The National Office Communications Department, as well as the section of the Executive Office that handles Outreach and Special Events, have a new look, with two staff members joining the Communications team this week while one veteran staff member has left the department to assume a new role for NATCA.

We’re pleased to announce that Jacqui Smith, communications specialist since 2008, has been selected as the new Outreach and Special Events Associate. Jacqui has made exceptional contributions to recent and ongoing projects such as the labor history presentation and NATCA Reloaded events. Jacqui will work with the newly appointed manager of Outreach and Events, Kelly Richardson, and will bring her energy and ideas to the many outreach activities and special events NATCA is already planning for the next few years.

Here is the lineup of staff members in the Communications Department, with their areas of primary responsibility and contact information:

Doug Church, Director of Communications
202-220-9802 (office)
301-346-8245 (cell)

Laura Roose, Publications and Graphic Design Specialist
(Graphic design and production, Managing Editor of the Air Traffic Controller, photo and video editing)

Sarah Dunn, Communications & Public Affairs Specialist
(Media relations, PR, staff writer for NATCA publications and online, social media)
202-220-9813 (office)
315-796-1560 (cell)

Hillary Stroud, Communications Specialist
(Managing Editor of the NATCA Insider, coordinator of the Archie League Medal of Safety awards, content editor of Web site)

Mike Bushnell, Communications Specialist
(Content editor of Web site, staff writer for NATCA publications and online, managing editor of daily press clippings and N.O. weekly departmental update)