Pictures of the Week: ZAU & D10
Thursday, September 22, 2011


By Mike Hanlon
Great Lakes Regional Legislative Committee Chair

On Sept. 12, I had the privilege of attending the first annual ZAU Whirleyball tournament. In Whirleyball, each team consists of five players who use one-handed, lacrosse-style sticks to score points by shooting a whiffle ball into a pressure sensitive net on a raised backboard -- all while riding bumper cars! (Very fast bumper cars.) This event was put together by a team of ZAU members spearheaded by Mark "Momo" Zameda. It was intended as a fun and informative Reloaded and PAC event to attract newer members so they could learn more about their Union. It absolutely delivered on all counts.

Betsy Beaumont (ZFW) and AnnMarie Taggio (CLT), NATCA's PAC "go team," flew in for one night just to be here for this event. These two have been crossing the nation tirelessly to put on PAC presentations for our members. AnnMarie kicked off the event with one of her stirring rendition of the National Anthem. Betsy and AnnMarie spoke to the assembled members about the importance of the PAC to NATCA's future and all our careers. Toby Hauck (ZAU VP, Illinois Legislative Representative) spoke briefly and then introduced his special guest, former Congressman Bill Foster, who will be running for the Congressional seat in the newly formed 11th District of Illinois. He spoke about the importance of the PAC, and about the relationships that are built through the PAC and how NATCA does a great job of educating members of Congress on our issues and our message: safety.

Then it was time for the tournament! All areas of ZAU had a team, and the battle was joined. After a furious few hours, the NW Area came in first place, the NE Area came in second, and the South area took home the "Most NATCA Spirit" award for the largest PAC increase!  

This one event brought over 75 members of ZAU out, on their own time, to learn more about their Union and have a good time with their brothers and sisters. The total monies raised for the PAC were $386/pp or $20,072 an election cycle! The exciting part about that is: of the $386 raised, $331 were in new sign ups. Exactly what we're looking for!  

It is vital that we engage our newer members with Reloaded and educate them about the PAC. With nearly a third of our membership eligible to retire in the next few years we must replace what we are losing in both leadership and contributions. These types of events are perfect to attract members to learn more about these topics. If you have an idea you think would accomplish these goals, don't hesitate to talk with your FacRep, legislative representative, or state legislative coordinator. The PAC is how NATCA has been able to build the relationships in D.C. that are necessary for the safety of the NAS and to protect our future. Based on this event at ZAU, I think the future is in good hands.

Special thanks again to Toby Hauck, Mark "Momo" Zameda, Betsy Beaumont, AnnMarie Taggio, and everyone at ZAU who made this event such a success.

TEAM WHIRLYBALL: Tiffany Thomas, Todd Dwyer, Former Illinois congressman Bill Foster (who hopes to make a comeback by running for the proposed 11th Congressional District seat that would take in Aurora, Ill., where ZAU is located), Adam Nagio, Toby Hauck, Tiffany Curl, Steve Schwarz, Willy Wills, Matt Tschida, Gloria Marzell and Tom Sztochmal.


D10 members commemorated 9/11 last week by taking this photo at DFW Airport. Pictured are Tim Eifert, Doug Peterson (holding flag) Rob Lignelli, Victoria Harville, Dominique Bindon, Penny Schneider and Jeremy Toche (front center low).