NATCA Participates in ALPA's Air Safety Forum
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last week, NATCA participated in the 57th ALPA Air Safety Forum in Washington, D.C., an annual aviation safety event held by the Air Line Pilots Association.
NATCA’s primary role at this year’s event took place during Monday and Tuesday’s Air Safety Workshops as part of the Air Traffic Services (ATS) Committee meeting, where NATCA Safety Committee member Danny Aguerre (ZMA), PHL Facility Representative Don Chapman and PHL member Dennis Kelly were in attendance. Aguerre found the most interesting topic of the discussions to be that of the PHL Class B waiver. “Don Chapman and Dennis Kelly did an outstanding job explaining the history and reasons for the waiver,” she stated. “It was interesting for us NATCA reps, as well. Everyone walked away with some enlightment on the issue.”
Continuing Chapman and Kelly’s successful discussion, Aguerre briefed the group on the Flight Deck Training (FDT) Program and how it differs from the previous program. This discussion was very well received, as well, with attendees excited to learn the details of this recently integrated program. In fact, NATCA has found pilots to be one of the biggest supporters of FDT, and the union continues to encourage pilots to visit ATC facilities – an effort as equally important as controllers in the flight deck. In addition, Aguerre briefed the group on the importance of using call signs, as well as weather deviations, emphasizing the significance of making a request for deviations prior to beginning to deviate.
NATCA followed up with a discussion on the lost communications policy, which the group has been working on for almost a year and is almost at completion, as well as providing updates on for the following: IFALPA, Volcanic Ash, ASAP/FOQA and PARC. The committee then joined the Aircraft Design Operations (ADO) Group for a joint discussion, where topics included: RNAV Off the Ground, Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), GPS interference - Lightsquared, ADSB Update, Wake Turbulence and UAS.