RNAV Committee Unveils New Members, Renewed Commitment
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top (L to R): Bill Otto, Elaine Poe, Chuck Munoz; Bottom (L to R): Frank Caldwell, George Wiewiora

The Retired NATCA Active Volunteers Committee (RNAV) met this week at the National Office with several new faces and a renewed spirit to reach out to increase the size and influence of its group of 350 retired members who are serving the union in a variety of ways.

Three new members – Elaine Poe, Chuck Munoz and Frank Caldwell – have joined existing committee members Bill Otto (acting chairman), George Wiewiora and Steve Gilbert.

The committee has been active over the past 12 months. It attended the Hawaii Convention and set up an information table outside the convention hall to discuss its group and activities while handing out pins and stickers and selling coffee mugs. Last May, the committee sent 30 retired members to NATCA in Washington to support the NATCAvists. They participated in Capitol Hill visits, worked with other NATCAvists from their respective regions, and were well received by their brothers and sisters. Keeping track of legislation that could negatively affect retirement income is a key priority.

And then there is the continuation of the highly successful and important Boots on the Ground program, in which retired members are engaging in get out the vote (legislative) activities in key locations and preparing for a very busy 2012 election season.

“My vision for RNAV is to build an army of sorts,” Otto said. “RNAV can be a sort of reserve army for NATCA to be used in times of need. For example, if official time were to be attacked, we could flood the Hill on short notice to advocate in the union’s best interests. Any time NATCA needs immediate assistance, or has an activity where the members couldn’t participate due to the Hatch Act, we can help.”

Any retired member in good standing (dues are $35 annually) is an RNAV member. It requires no further fees or procedure to join RNAV. But with so many members becoming eligible to retire and, in many cases, leaving the workforce and the union without becoming a retired member, RNAV is seeking to increase its visibility and activism to strengthen its numbers and reach out to every current member so they are aware of this important way to continue to be a part of NATCA.

“We intend to be at the convention in Denver next March with a table again, encouraging retiring members to be in RNAV and keep us in mind,” Otto said.

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