NATCA Joining in IFATCA 50th Anniversary Celebration
Thursday, August 11, 2011

This October, the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) will celebrate its 50 years. Starting out as a mere group of 12 professionals hoping to improve ATC in 1961, IFATCA has grown today to represent more than 50,000 air traffic controllers in over 130 countries.

IFATCA is important to all of us in the air traffic industry as it continues to provide a forum in which to discuss the latest in air traffic control developments. As a member of IFATCA, NATCA, in addition to our fellow member associations across the world, is afforded a global voice in the collective effort to improve safety, regulation, education and development of new systems across the global aviation industry.

As with any relationship or group with which our union participates, we can only better understand positions and influence decisions if we are at the table. And, while many things are unique in the United States airspace, and our members also have concerns exclusive to us, it is important that changes aren’t made, studies aren’t conducted, and priorities aren’t established without our input. It is for this reason that we are so fortunate to have our own Ruth Stilwell (ICAO Air Navigation Commission member), Darrell Meachum (IFATCA EVP Finance and board member), Bill Holtzman (IFATCA Technical Operations Committee) and former NATCA President Pat Forrey (IFATCA EVP Technical) representing us at the international level in order to get our input heard.

Please join with us as we congratulate IFATCA in its upcoming 50th anniversary – 50 years of providing a collective, international voice for air traffic safety.