ZDC Member Honors the Fallen
Thursday, June 02, 2011

On Memorial Day, one of NATCA’s own was featured in an ABC World News story honoring the fallen. Julie DiMarzio was the performer of Taps at the day’s Ft. Myer, Va., funeral ceremony for Colonel Bill Richie.

A volunteer for Bugles Across America, DiMarzio has been bringing her musical talent to the grieving for six months now. This wonderful organization, which believes that every Veteran deserves a live rendition of Taps, receives requests for live buglers and then seeks out volunteers within the area able to attend.

Courtesy of ABC World News 

Twenty-six-year-old DiMarzio, who has been playing her instrument since the age of nine, knows the beautiful notes of this honorary tune by heart, and is proud to hold a position that contributes something to the military community – one she has always been interested in being a part of. “I feel this is my way to serve the country," she noted.

Click here to watch the ABC News clip.