Fatigue Issue Gains Media Attention
Thursday, April 28, 2011

NATCA came out aggressively this week to discuss the jobs of air traffic controllers and the fatigue issues that continue to be debated following recent events. Due to the persistent efforts of our leadership, we are collectively moving forward and getting out there in the media, focusing on rebuilding our image and advancing our interests to bring a more positive image to the public eye.

On Friday, President Paul Rinaldi released the following statement, calling for implementation of joint NATCA-FAA fatigue recommendations: http://www.natca.org/news.aspx?zone=Top%20News&nID=2732#n2732

Click here to view all 12 of these recommendations.

Notable media coverage from this week includes:

MSNBC - Paul is interviewed live on Wednesday. 

WGN Radio: Paul is featured in this live interview.

Washington Post - EVP Trish Gilbert is featured in Monday's Q&A.

CNN - N90 FacRep Dean Iacopelli appears on camera to provide the ATC prospective.

FOX Business Channel: Dean Iacopelli is interviewed.